With Alamo you travel safely at all times, learn more about our COVID-19 action plan.

At Alamo your well-being comes first, so we are committed to providing you with the highest standards of clean liness in the industry. With our Full Cleaning Commitment we increase everyone’s safety measures, creating healthier shared spaces for the health emergency and the future 

Taking into account the recommendations of the health authorities and in partnership with the US tourism industry, we commit ourselves to overcome our already rigorous cleaning protocols, including strict disinfection procedures to protect the health and safety of our customers and collaborators, we also receive ongoing support and scientific guidance on improved safety measures from experts from the Cleveland Clinic and the CDC Foundation.

At Alamo we never stopped looking for ways to improve, we have always had a very formal training process that instructed all our collaborators on the proper cleaning of each vehicle, They are now being trained to implement new and more comprehensive regulations that include a better cleaning guide for vehicles, transfer minibuses and offices, as well as social distancing practices.

What measures do we take to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

 In our vehicles:

Each is thoroughly cleaned between each rental, this includes: vacuum, clean thoroughly and disinfect with a sanitizer that meets the requirements of the main health authorities, with particular attention to the more than 20 points of frequent use.

On our transfer minibuses:

Social distancing protocols are implemented as passengers board, use and depart our transfer buses, we limit the number of passengers which ensures that passengers from different parts maintain the appropriate social distancing from others. Frequently used areas are constantly cleaned and disinfected with a sanitizer between trips, including: luggage carriers, door handles and seat backs. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with a sanitizer at least once a day.

In our branches:

Our employees follow the recommended practices of the main health authorities, which includes the frequent disinfection of surfaces with which you have contact throughout the day: counters, telephones, tablets, payment devices and handles, among other areas of frequent use. 

When renting with Alamo, in addition to being sure that your vehicle is clean and disinfected every time you rent it, You can also feel the peace of mind that we take every opportunity to improve the health and safety measures that are currently practiced in our operations.

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