There are many people who yearn for the arrival of the holiday to rest and spend time with family, but the truth is that with the runs and runs between shopping and outings to the super for the organization of Christmas and end of the year celebrations, Holidays don’t take full advantage.

If your organization process of all the year-end preparations is full of rushed tasks, and stressful and unforeseen situations, take advantage of a little help. Involve your little ones in each process of the celebrations, this could be a new experience for them and certainly, a quality family time.

Here are some ideas where you can get your little ones more involved and make the most of your time together.

To cook together!

Each family member can perform different tasks in the kitchen according to their skills, your little ones can help you prepare simple dishes, which do not risk their safety, you can also leave them simple tasks such as decorating some dishes. Without a doubt these small actions are a team work of great value.

Plan different activities for family time!

Make with your little ones a list of movies, board games and those activities that are pleasant to your little ones like painting and drawing, so you will make the most of the time together.

Time to make a list of New Year’s resolutions!

Take the time to sit down with the pequeños to make a list of new year’s resolutions, considering their opinions and aspirations for the coming year.

Plan a little vacation!

Always take into account the preferences of your children, travel to those places that make them enjoy to the fullest but even more important, that make them feel comfortable.

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