It is generally thought that to have an unforgettable holiday requires a large budget, the most exotic destinations and a lot of planning, but, well it is said that the best moments are those less planned. Take note!

Avoids planning too much

Do you need to keep everything under control? Our first tip is for you, avoid planning every minute of your vacation. Although it is important to investigate the place and accommodations in which you will stay, try to stay open to improvise activities that you can do at the destination and dare to live new experiences.

Break the routine

Frequenting your favorite places on vacation is fine, but if you really want new experiences allow yourself to know new places, for this, you can make a list of the places you want to know this 2023 and dare to explore them.

Connects with you

Stay disconnected from both digital and work, these small value practices will help you not only rest and relax, but also feel that you took advantage of exclusive spaces for yourself.

Enjoy the culture of the places you explore

Whether you do local or international tourism, getting in touch with the culture of the different places is one of the best experiences. Let yourself know and taste its cuisine, interact with local businesses and support its economy.

Live to the fullest every moment

Try to avoid being aware of your phone and connect with yours, have interesting talks, enjoy board games or outdoors, so you will enjoy every moment.

In every trip you make, remember that in Alamo we have the ideal fleet for each of your adventures. ¡ Book now and start having the best holiday this 2023!

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