When renting a car have you asked yourself if you really need rental insurance? or what are the best protection products? If this is your case and if you want to prevent bad times due to an unforeseen event on the road, the answer is yes.

Travel with total security and peace of mind by renting with Alamo.

We explain each of the protection coverage that we offer you in Alamo so that you make the best decision and drive with peace of mind on the road:

Assistance Plus:

When purchasing Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP), the Tenant is contractually relieved of responsibility for the cost of providing 24-hour road side assistance, seven days a week (where available), including replacement of lost keys (including remote input devices), tire inflation service (if no inflated spare parts are available, the vehicle will be towed.

 Deductible Payment Protection:

Franchise Protection (PD) may be contracted as additional protection along with partial collision and theft protection (CDW-TP) liability waiver and third-party liability (TPL) coverage.

Roadside Assistance Protection (RSP):

The RSP includes towing (not related to an accident), puncture service (if no spare parts are available, the vehicle will be towed) and locksmith service (if the keys stay inside the vehicle). A starter and fuel service of up to 5 gallons (or its equivalent in litres) is also provided. 

Third Party Liability Insurance:

When hiring TPL protection, customers can have coverage against damage and injury to third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the rent a car insurance. Such contracting is mandatory unless the customer submits valid written proof of current liability insurance specifying coverage in Costa Rica or if the customer contracts the Alamo Protection Package (APP), which includes the TPL. TPL offers coverage for incidents that occur during the rental period in Costa Rica

Tire and Windshield Protection (TWP):

Tyre and Windshield Protection exempts the customer from liability in the event of damage to tyres and windshields.

Collision Damage Disclaimer (CDW):

The Collision Damage Disclaimer (CDd) is not insurance. The purchase of the CDd is optional, has an additional cost and is not a requirement to rent a vehicle. If you decide to include the CDD in your rental agreement, you will be contractually exempt from liability for all or part of the cost of damage, loss or theft of the vehicle

 Rent with the tranquility and seriousness offered by Alamo, and make your trips a unique experience with experts!

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